The Skin Diary – Therapie Clinic 6 months on

So, I have been visiting Therapie Clinic in Glasgow for just over 6 months now; and the improvements I have seen in my skin are remarkable… honestly! Once a month I book myself in for an Image Skincare Peel, and each time Heiman tailors the peel to target my skins needs. When I first visited Therapie Clinic back in September my skin was sun damaged and sensitive and also fairly congested after a summer of having my pours blocked with suncream. Since then my skin has really transformed… and lasted; even throughout that spell of really harsh cold weather (where the skin on the rest of my body went into shock and became irritatingly dry).

The results...

After my first facial peel I did have a few break outs, I FREAKED… because it’s rare for my skin to get spots (I have other skin problems to make up for it). But… this is a really good sign, it means the facial worked and all the impurities/toxic grossness lying under my skin surfaced.

Since then, no word of a lie – I haven’t had a single breakout. My sun damaged rose cheeks have reduced in redness dramatically – my face has a really bright glow to it at the moment and it feels healthy, plump and hydrated. Which for me, is especially unusual for this time of year.

Achievable at home?

Heiman explained that the results I have gotten from the facial peels is totally achievable at home using certain products, however the process takes a lot longer. So for fast changing results, I would defiantly recommend the facial peels. I’m writing this 6 months on, but I actually saw a huge change in my skin after the second treatment.

Therapie Clinic also recommend a skin care routine on top of your treatments for enhanced and prolonged results, which isn’t necessary – but good practice to be in. Truthfully, I suck at keeping up with this. Recently I have been wearing a lot less make up, my skin has improved so much that I don’t tend to wear foundation/concealer, which has only encouraged my lazy skincare routine. All I do is wash my face, and whack on an overnight retinol masque that Heiman recommended to me. Maybe less is more after all?

Facial cocktails - what I have had

The three main ingredients (the ingredients that really matter) that have been used on my skin are: salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid.

First step for my skin – A facial with salicylic acid – great for anyone with congestion, breakouts, acne… it is the only ingredient which dissolves sebum (oil) within the pore and is aspirin derived so it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Step two – A facial containing lactic acid. These are my favourite because they really brighten the skins appearance and make it feel soft and peachy!

Step three – Polishing off with glycolic acid! This helps to exfoliate as well as increasing your cell turnover giving more of a flawless complexion.

These skin care peels were all specifically chosen for my personal skin issues – for anyone interested, during a free consultation at Therapie Clinic your therapist will talk you through the best options for your own needs. 


Thanks for reading!

R x


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