Laser Hair Removal Update

It has been almost 16 weeks since my first LHR treatment at Therapie Clinic, and I have had two sessions since then – so three in total and the results have been unreal. My second and third treatments were much like my first, pain-free and fast – i.e. the complete opposite of getting a wax.

So just to fill you in on how I’m getting on I’ll share what I have experienced with the treatment so far –

All the good stuff first

  • Absolutely no irritation or redness post treatment
  • Minimal hair regrowth – I only have to run a razor over the lasered areas once or twice a week (whereas it was a time-consuming daily routine if I wanted to be totally fuzz free!)
  • Still completely pain-free – I feel a small amount of warmth towards the end of the treatment, but at no point is the laser uncomfortable, painful or hot.
  • Speedy treatment –  in and out of the clinic in 40mins (as I’m getting two areas done)


A few things to consider

  • Ingrown hairs – for the last 4 years I have been getting all fuzzy areas of my body waxed… so with changing to a razor i’ve experience some stubborn ingrown hairs, argh. Although they are starting to disappear now, phew!
  • Having to cover up in the sun – anything that darkens the skin whether its natural sun, sun beds or fake tan will cause skin discolouration when a laser is put to it – so I’ve been trying really hard to keep shorts and T’s on while out in the sun.
  • 6 weeks wait post holiday – I am just home from traveling in Italy and I’ve built up a bit of a tan – so this means a 6 week wait until my next treatment (or until my tan has totally gone). So – I’d totally recommend starting LHR in winter to avoid prolonging your treatment time.

Some post treatment tips

  • Avoid itchy or tight-fitting clothing on the areas that have been treated
  • Shower in tepid water – hot water will only cause irritation
  • No excessive sweating, workouts or swimming (fantastic excuse to skip on the gym for a day)
  • No spa days I’m afraid – saunas, jacuzzis, steam rooms are a no go
  • Stay away from deodorants and scented body lotions
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least a week post treatment
  • And specifically for me, Heiman (my therapist) always reminds me NO WETSUITS!

IMG_5021Bikini ready and only 1/2 way through my LHR treatment – I loved being in my bikini on holiday and not having to think about a razor!

Until next time…

Rona x


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