The Gin Bothy

There is no doubt about it; gin has made a fashionable stamp recently in the drinks industry. I adore gin, and while it thrives in renaissance, I think its safe to say we are ALL enjoying this contemp craze. New brands are appearing all over, and take note: 70% of all gin that is consumed is being produced in Scotland!


Whether you enjoy a textbook gin served with a flattering tonic and garnish, with heaps of ice and in the perfect glass or simply out a tumbler with some lemon and Schweppes; I think finding a Gin that tastes great neat is key. Garnish and tonic and all the other additions then act to enhance the flavour rather than masking it.

So, with my passion for Gin in mind you can understand my excitement when I was invited along to The Gin Bothy launch at Gin 71 this week to try out some of Scotland’s latest speciality Gins. I always recommend Gin 71 as a fab place to drink; their interior is gorgeous and the service is always 10/10. With the support of Gin 71 (a trusted source in my opinion), I had great expectations for this new brand; and I was not let down!


The Gin Bothy

Located in the picturesque Angus Glens, a small bothy is home to Kim “The Accidental Gin Maker” and her production of handcrafted infused gins. Kim told me about her sustainable use of locally sourced produce for all her infusions; from sweet Scottish raspberries to sour Rhubarb that is grown in the bothy’s garden. I was really inspired chatting to Kim; her simple way of life was the perfect representation of her brand that is gently traditional, strong and admirable. (She also really likes recycling; so, if you bring your empty Gin bottles back to the Bothy you’ll get money off your next one!) LOVE!


My favourite infusion was by far the Mulled (which is actually the same as the Gunshot, but rebranded for the fast approaching festive season)! The Mulled Gin is infused with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg – a total tummy warmer! It was served with Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer Tonic, which gave the already spicey flavour a firey finish. Yum yum!

IMG_9390Whatever your preference… there is a vast and ever changing selection of infusions to choose from. The Gin Bothy has also introduced these gorgeous selection boxes of mini’s, which would be perfect stocking fillers or gifts for Christmas!


IMG_9393For more information, blog posts and to shop The Gin Bothy, head over to their website – FYI they also do free delivery!

Thanks for reading

Rona X


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