Cotterell & Co Bespoke Lighting

Bespoke Lighting Launch

Cotterell & Co hosted such a fab event for the launch of their wonderful new bespoke lighting services. I am a lover/obsesser of interiors, admittedly I am a bit of an ikea sucker – but that is purely down to budget limitations. If I could kit my home out with beautiful bespoke lighting in the most luscious fabrics, I absolutely would!

The Cotterell & Co store was a spectacle of light. Every section of the store was styled to match interior fabrics and furnishings with bespoke lamp and lighting designs. Emma and I had such a great time wandering around the store (with gin cocktails from Eden Mill) picking out all our favourite pieces. I have always convinced myself I didn’t like interior colour; my whole flat is white, with white wood and white accessories… but wandering around Cotterell I started to notice how much personality and atmosphere can be created with the simplicity of light – I think I need to rethink my white out design strategy!IMG_0344I had a lengthy chat with Ruth, who is the branch manager; she talked me through the amazing effect colour inside a lamp can have in changing the tone of light produced in a room. She also mentioned the importance of height for light shades; I always presumed anywhere above head height was totally standard – but Ruth explained the light dispersion, shadows and the mood of the room can totally change with height. For general lighting, her rule of thumb was 2m from floor level – however, to create some kind of atmosphere with mood lighting you do want a shade lower to the floor to create warmth and something a little more romantic!

Launching; Rocke Bespoke

Lampshades handcrafted by Cotterell & Co, designed by the customer. What I love about this feature of the shop is; I could take design elements from my own home – whether that is colour, texture, fabric; and seamlessly incorporate them into a shade that will perfectly pair with my room.


The creation of something personal and entirely unique for your home felt to me like the process of art making – I guess this is actually no different. I can imagine it feels that extra bit special to have one of your own designs incorporated proudly within your home! The more I talk about it, the more I love the idea!

Flavour Bomb KING

Did I mention the food? Oh my goodness! STV’s chef ‘Flavour Bomb King’ was there providing the most amazing nibbles. 10/10 for those gin infused scallops!


Bespoke for Eden Mill


HOW SWEET ARE THESE! I love the idea of switching up the lamp stand. There doesn’t seem to be any limitations for creativity with this – I think this could be a really fun opportunity for an up-cycle. I’m going to go rummaging in some second-hand furniture shops for an antique to scrub up and use as a lamp stand… then, I can get started on my personalised lampshade. I will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading - and thank you Cottrell&Co for my interior inspo

Rona X

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