Grab a good book, brew a tasty T and hide from the cold weather

Welcome to Glasgow T2!


I first came across T2 when I lived in Australia last year, I had no idea what the shop was at first – walking past it every day I was enticed with exotic smells and always wondered why there was such a buzz in the store. It was ALWAYS busy. Of course, once I went in and sampled all of their tasty sensations I ended up buying a lifetime supply of tea… not realising I wouldn’t be able to bring it all home with me. Well, fear not. We now have one in Glasgow and I couldn’t be more excited to fill my cupboards with flavoursome quality teas!

I love the aesthetics of the shop– everything is so beautiful and welcoming. Their staff are on hand serving hot shots of tea to sample, and the smell of their loose tea combinations fill the space with warmth. Not to mention the displays of ceramics, teapots teacups, saucers; in every colour and pattern!


T2 recently launched their christmas inspired infusions. The Choc Molten Marvel was my winner, I think I ‘sampled’ it about 5 times while I wandered around the shop. I was so in love with it I bought two tins! It was served with milk, and tasted like a delicate hot choc with the fraction of the calories you’d find in a creamy hot chocolate.

Wild About Green Rose Tea Gift Set – at the T2 Christmas Launch we were all gifted beautiful sets available for the festive season. I chose this gorgeous leafy printed cup, saucer and matching infuser. It would be such a lovely xmas pressie!


Thanks for reading

Rona X

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