A Glasgow Food Map ROUND 2

STEAK NIGHT - The Butchershop Bar & Grill


The atmosphere of a thriving city centre restaurant but located in a quiet spot by Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow’s West End. Great quality steaks, prepped and presented exceptionally well. Steak night was our family night out, my three big brothers can eat a lot and this place did not disappoint, there wasn’t a single hungry tummy at the end of the night. Our waiter was extremely attentive and kept our wine & cocktails topped up all evening!

WEEKDAY LUNCH - Epicures of Hyndland


I have a massive soft spot for Epicures – I don’t know why; but I always feel at home here. From breakfast, brunch, lunches, dinner, coffees and cocktails, I would check this place out for every occasion. Neither fancy, or too casual, the environment in Epicures doesn’t set many rules, i’ve hung out here in a pair of dungarees and flip-flops but also turned up in a dress and heels for dinner! It’s a busy cafe at the weekends; but the perfect place to chill mid week. I love taking a book here, or some sketchbooks and working my way through a few flat whites… and occasionally a red wine… or two!



Sorry, bad pictures ^ but by the time I got my Martha’s home it had sloshed around a little! I love a Martha’s, I genuinely eat here at least once a week. It is healthy, hearty, fast food in the centre of Glasgow – nearly all of their meals are less than 500 calories and are SO filling! Heartbreakingly closed at the weekends, Martha’s is a Mon-Fri lunch time fix – although good news, recently they have extended their hours so they are now open until 9pm on week nights. Hello Deliveroo!

HOME COOKING - Homemade Monkfish Curry


A rich dinner, that costs less – we sourced some beautiful fresh monkfish from a fishmonger in Glasgow and those juicey sweet vine tomatoes came from Celinos Deli in the west end. We lightly followed a Jamie Oliver recipe – and added a few variations to substitute missing ingredients. Fab recipe – I totally recommend!

TASTING MENU - 111 by Nico


So, I am swayed on tasting menus. I’ve had so many mediocre 5 course/7course tasting menus that I tend to roll my eyes at them now. However; 111 by Nico did it so well – I was truly blown away. Every single course tasted unique, fresh and contemporary. There is also a beautiful philosophy behind the restaurant which I think is incredible – 111 is an academy that provides young people who have had a poor start in life the experience and opportunities they need to gain expert skills needed to be a top chef. Eating here was a really fun and interesting experience, I will be booking again soon! 111 has also recently introduced their Tuesday Taste Club – 6 course taster for £20!

DATE NIGHT - Ubiquitous Chip


“The Chip” – Ashton Lane’s finest! Beautiful atmosphere, professional and friendly service, local ingredients and outstanding food. We ate downstairs in the restaurant which is uniquely stunning; climbing greenery, twinkling lights, a cobbled stone floor and a large water feature that brings the fresh of the outdoors, inside! The Chip also have their own farm! What’s more delightful than knowing they sow it, grow it, harvest it, cook it and deliver it to you in the freshest possible way; I love that!

COCKTAILS - Kelvingrove Cafe


The snuggest most welcoming hide away in Finnieston – with an open fire and walls covered in contemporary Parisian art the Kelvingrove Cafe is ideal for a drizzly afternoon cocktail or glass of wine. The bartenders and waiting staff are all really enthusiastic and attentive, they’ll chat to you about their ever changing drinks list and tell you exactly what vineyard your wine came from. They also do really delicious heart warming food!

Thanks for reading –

R x

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