City Cramming – Tuesday Treats

For the last few months I have been spending most of my time up north, it’s been pretty sweet – lots of outdoor adventures, home cooked food, lack of make up and practical clothing only. I laugh, because my life in the highlands is SO different from my life in Glasgow. Both lifestyles make me.. me; so I try not to stress about being salty and un-showered when I’m living out a van on a northern island… just as much as I try not to stress about treating myself to a few girly girl treats when I’m back in the city.

I’m not home in Glasgow for long, so today was a bit of a beauty cram – I also took a trip down to Greengallery in Buchlyvie to pick up some beautiful pieces I put on hold from my last visit – and topped off the day with my fav coffee from Bramble.

First on the hit list, my scraggly salty gross mop! Thank you to Johnny Urquhart Hair for sorting that out –


Nail therapy – much-needed. I have REALLY weak nails, I bit them up until about a year ago and after making a solid decision to break the habit I get gel nails every now and again to keep them strong.

I got these done at NailCo in the city centre – I’ve been twice now and both times my nails have been fab – last time my gels lasted 3 and a half weeks without chipping. (I know boring colour, but I wanted something natural) –


Then… off to Greengallery to pick up some goodies I had on hold!


And, how amazing is this little VVA bag – (which has just been rebranded as Sarah Haran)

The Lily Mini has a removable chain to wear as a shoulder bag, or to carry as a clutch – I think its such a lovely colour and is such a high quality product. The bag comes with a handy little dust bag, and I got a Sarah Haran pom-pom… because why not!


Also from Greengallery – I got this beautiful handmade ring by Hannah Grace Ryan. My snaps don’t even do it justice, so I highly recommend checking out her website. Wearing a unique piece like this feels so much better than some mass-produced product from ASOS – I really like the idea that the designer put individual thought and process into this ring! It’s so pretty – thank you Hannah!


FREE lipstick – yaaaaap. Did you know that you get a free MAC lippy every time you bring six empty products back to a store? I chose Taupe – it’s a lovely warm brown/red ^ pictured up top in my hair selfie.


Andddd, rounding off my delightful day with a coffee and some nibbles from Bramble – it’s in Giffnock so a wee bit of a drive for me, but there is plenty of parking and totally worth the distance. Such a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and the food is super fresh and tasty.


Busy but lovely day – tomorrow I’m catching up with all the girls in Glasgow, then I’m making a dash for the hills again while this irregular weather lasts. Excited to put these gel nails to the real test, if they last this weekend I’ll be NailCo’s best customer forever after.

Thanks for reading guys

R x @ronamcmillan

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